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Building a future: Foundation"Happiness increases by being shared."
The "Corazones para un Nuevo Mundo" foundation aims to sustainably improve living conditions of the Peruvian people and impoverished children. Its proceeds directly support the work of Corazones para Perú and its various social services in the areas of education, healthcare, microfinance and social welfare in the Peruvian Andes. The projects comprise, among others, a children's village, a school support network, and health centers as well as a social microfinance project.

Thanks to our devoted volunteer personnel, we are able to keep our administrative costs extremely low. We work absolutely transparently. The administration tracks its spending down to the last cent.

Sustainable for the future

Since its inception in 1998, donations from individuals and organizations to "Corazones para un Nuevo Mundo" have come to over 3.7 million Dollars, which were invested in the children's village and its surrounding infrastructure. Additionally, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development supports our work. All of our social projects strive for sustainability, with our resources allocated so they provide the greatest and longest-lasting benefits to the local population.

The capacity of these projects is fortified with agricultural and artisanal production in the area, so-called "Social Businesses". This adds value in the form of self-sufficiency; proceeds are reinvested to benefit our local social services.

Helping us is very simple:

Can we inspire you to make a contribution to our projects? Would you like to manage your estate and benefit from the tax deductions during your lifetime? Donating is easy!

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Lend the children a hand

Children are the most vulnerable members of a society - and at the same time it's future.

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