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Looking for godfathers for Radamel
DESTINATION4GOOD (Marie LeRose&Family) visited Munaychay and gave donations to the children!
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"Perú, mi nuevo mundo"
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Faber-Castell para los niños en los andes cusceños
Feiern mit armen Kindern
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Corazones para Perú is a non-profit association with the goal of sustainably improving living conditions for the indigenous population, especially children, of the Peruvian Andes.

While we have made significant progress scince 1998, a long road remains ahead. Most of Peru's indigenous Andean population continues to live in poverty. This means that many of the people here lack access to food, education, medical care and clean water. Children are especially hard-hit by these circumstances and need our help. They are the most vulnerable members of any society - but also it's future!

Nursery "Wawa Sonquo"

There are many single mothers in Urubamba and the surrounding villages. In our nursery, we take care of their babies so that they are free to continue working.
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Donate sustainably. Your donation will go where it is most needed. Support our efforts with a one-time or fixed monthly amount.
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Professional Volunteering

We are always looking for people with working experience, who are willing to donate their professional talents where they are most needed to make a lasting change.
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Aktuelles Projekt:

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Donation Account

Herzen für eine neue Welt e.V.
Account Number 472 22 37
Bank Code Number 500 700 24
Deutsche Bank Königstein
IBAN DE55 5007 0024 0472 2237 00

Help us build schools, set up health stations that give the poorest of the poor a future. Give children the opportunity to live in our children's village, where they can grow up and develop in a safe, sheltered environment. Your donations are directed to where they are needed most-with nearly 100% efficiency! Our organizational overhead is very low, and many of our staff volunteer their services. All our projects are designed with an eye for long-term sustainability: the more we help now, the less we will be needed in the future. Help us make the world a little more humane.

Corazones is based on the participation of every member of our family. Become a part of it and get to know us and our projects.
Yes, I would like to sponsor a child.

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